Exciting News! I will be writing for upstart gaming site GameRVW


A few weeks ago I was given an offer to help out an upstart gaming site GamesRVW, where I’ll be assisting as a freelance writer! While I still intend on continuing to write on this blog about movies and anime, most of my video game posts will end up over there. I’ll also be helping with news articles, and I’ll include links on this site whenever I post a new feature.

I’m very excited to try my hand at video game journalism, and I hope you guys will check out the site! In terms of upcoming content from me, right now there is a post on the site that is a thematic analysis of What Remains of Edith Finch. I thought it would be cool to model the feature after the SparkNotes thematic analysis of classic literature, but structured a little bit more like an essay.

I’ve also got a Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon review coming up (spoilers: that game is pretty good), and I will be writing a review of Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle once I’ve gotten my hands on that in a few days.

The site just launched, and has a bunch of cool features worth checking out. Wish us luck!


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