The Night Comes For Us Review | Martial Arts Meets Grindhouse

You know what’s cool? The non-stop masterpiece of fight sequence choreography, The Raid: Redemption. You know what else is cool? The Night Comes For Us, another Indonesia action flick that prioritizes innovative brawls, and memorable set-pieces above all else.  Its got more than a little bit of common DNA with The Raid, both in terms of influence and its cast. However, it differs from its stylistic cousin in that its director Timo Tjahjanto comes from a background of making horror flicks, and that fact is clear in the outrageously gory spectacle that comes from the melding of martial arts and grindhouse in this Netflix distributed bonanza.

Check out my full review of this insane spectacle over at GameRVW.

2 thoughts on “The Night Comes For Us Review | Martial Arts Meets Grindhouse

  1. Found the movie to be a good, bloody time when I saw it. I didn’t find much to care about since I’ve seen the story be done before, and felt there was a lot more to the characters than it bothered to show. I will say in terms of action it’s an improvement over the Indonesian action movie Headshot, especially that climax between Joe Taslim, and Iko Uwais, but the story felt like a downgrade. Indonesia is proving to be a good place for action cinema. Hopefully they’ll keep the winning streak going over the few couple of years.


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