The Favourite | Review: Real Politik and Toxic Love

The Favourite

Although Yorgos Lanthimos’ ostentatious style has led to a mild case of diminishing returns, The Favourite deviates from his previous films while retaining his critical eye for depicting relationships. The result is his best picture yet, a period piece about political machinations, schemes, and twisted love. It’s aesthetically brilliant, a moving Rembrandt painting that uses light to accentuate both the intrigue and sensuality at the core of the story. The three leading ladies, Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz, and Emma Stone depict the struggle for the Queen’s affection with brilliant performances. Although I still have many films left to catch up with (Roma, Burning, If Beale Street Could Talk, etc). The Favourite is currently my clear pick for movie of the year

Check out my full review over at GameRVW.

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