Winter Anime 2019: First Episode Impressions And Recommendations

Hey, it’s really cold outside! Like record breaking cold (in the US anyway). But luckily we have anime to warm the cockles of our hearts. While this season doesn’t have the breadth that defined much of last year, we have the return of one of the best shows in recent years to carry us through these cold dark months. Mob Psycho is living up to the hype, successfully switching genres and tones with reckless abandon. And since I wrote this post, Dororo has hit incredible high points in its previous two episodes, while The Promised Neverland has kept pace with its striking premise. We also have JoJo and Run with the Wind carrying over from the previous season. Beyond my picks there’s also a bunch of stuff that I personally don’t have a ton of interest in, but seems to be taking the majority of the community by storm. So yeah, although things mostly boil down to action/thrillers, as per usual there is quite a lot of good anime out there!

Check out my Winter 2019 Anime Recommendations over at GameRVW.

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