Detective Pikachu Review | Pokémon Noire

So, as it turns out, it is actually possible for a live action video game movie to be worth watching. In the case of Detective Pikachu, this mostly true due to the great design and CGI work on the Pokemon, as well as Ryan Reynolds' spirited performance as series mascot Pikachu. While this story often … Continue reading Detective Pikachu Review | Pokémon Noire

Captain Marvel Review | Empowerment with a Cause

Another post that I was slow on cross-posting, my overall take on Captain Marvel is that it is a solidly constructed super-hero flick with a couple of thematically interesting points that elevate it above the lesser MCU entries. At this point, it's hard not to be sucked into the orbit of mass anticipation regarding the … Continue reading Captain Marvel Review | Empowerment with a Cause