Shoplifters Review | A Compassionate Small-Time Crime Drama

Pairing a crime story with something that resembles the transcendentalist trappings of Ozu isn’t the most natural of combinations. However, with Shoplifters Hirokazu Kore-eda pulls off this pairing with such humanistic grace that I can’t help but wonder why more stories about criminals don’t mirror its empathy. The film presents moral ambiguity and complex characterizations at every turn, offering plenty of underlying drama amidst its this patient depiction of poverty. Even as things spiral out of control for the Shibatas, the poetic compositions capture the genuine love at the heart of this family.

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One thought on “Shoplifters Review | A Compassionate Small-Time Crime Drama

  1. Still waiting for the chance to see this myself. Seemed like something I would enjoy just by watching a unsubtitled trailer alone. Nice it doesn’t tread lightly on its complex issues. I could see this easily being cheesy in the wrong hands, but thankfully took a much better route.

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